The Sofala Project is located in the East Lachlan Fold Belt, 180kms Northwest of Sydney, in a high profile mining and exploration region which contains several major gold, copper-gold and silver deposits (including the Cadia-Rigeway Mine, Lake Cowal, Northpakes and the Boda Deposit).

Mt Pleasant

The Mt Pleasant tenement EL5954 comprises an area of 58 units (~166km2) on the Eastern Margin of the Silurian-Devonian Hill End Trough of the East Lachlan Fold Belt.

Sofala Project

Over 480km2 of mining authorities located in significant gold, silver, zinc and copper production areas, which include JORC 2012 Resources totalling 352Koz Gold.

Sunny Corner

The Sunny Corner Project comprises EL5964 (Sunny Corner), EL9133 (Sunny Corner North) and EL 9504 (Sunny Corner South).

Surface Hill

The Surface Hill prospect is located 3.5 km. NNE of Wattle Flat and had been a centre for small scale mining during the 1800’s and 1900’s (11,250 ounces recorded production) with several small pits and a small driven into the hill.

Spring Gully

The Spring Gully Prospect is situated within the Sofala Project is situated within the world class province of the Lachlan Fold Belt in NSW.


The Queenslander Prospect is centred around the old Queenslander Mine which is approximately 2km south-west of the township pf Sofala in central NSW.


The Wiles Prospect area is located 30km north of the town of Bathurst and surrounding the village of Wattle Flat in eastern New South Wales, approximately 200km west Sydney.