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Financial Reports

27/07/2022Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportsDownload
28/04/2022Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportsDownload
15/03/2022Half Year Report and AccountsDownload
27/01/2022Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportsDownload
28/10/2021Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportsDownload
21/09/2021Annual Report to shareholdersDownload
30/07/2021Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportsDownload
30/04/2021Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportsDownload
16/03/2021Half Year Report and AccountsDownload
29/01/2021Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportsDownload
27/10/2020Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportsDownload
29/09/2020Annual Report to shareholdersDownload
24/07/2020Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportsDownload
30/04/2020Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportsDownload
12/03/2020Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload
31/01/2020Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportsDownload
30/10/2019Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportDownload
26/09/2019Annual Report to shareholdersDownload
30/07/2019Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportDownload
24/04/2019Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportDownload
13/03/2019Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload
21/01/2019Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportDownload
31/10/2018Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportDownload
28/09/20182018 Annual Report & Appendix 4GDownload
19/07/2018Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportDownload
30/04/2018Quarterly Activities and Cash Flow ReportDownload
15/03/2018Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload
31/01/2018Quarterly Activities and Cash Flow ReportDownload
24/01/2018Research Report - 23 January 2018Download
30/10/2017Quarterly Activities & Cash Flow ReportDownload
29/09/20172017 Annual Report & Appendix 4GDownload
28/07/2017Quarterly Reports for the period ended 30 June 2017Download
27/04/2017Quarterly Report for the period ended 31 March 2017Download
27/02/2017Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload
19/01/2017Quarterly Activities & Cash Flow Report Dec 2016Download
13/10/2016Quarterly Activities & Cash Flow Report Sept 2016-MRR.AX Download
19/09/20162016 Annual Report-MRR.AX Download
13/04/2016Quarterly Activities & Cash Flow Report-MRR.AX Download
26/02/2016Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload
29/01/2016Quarterly Activities & Cash Flow ReportDownload
29/10/2015Quarterly Reports for the period ended 30 September 2015Download
03/09/2015Annual Report to shareholdersDownload
29/07/2015Quarterly Activities & Cash Flow Report - 30/6/2015Download
30/04/2015Quarterly Activities & Cash Flow ReportDownload
10/03/2015Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload
30/01/2015Quarterly Activities & Cash Flow ReportDownload
03/11/2014Quarterly Activities and Cash Flow ReportDownload
01/10/2014Annual Report to shareholdersDownload
31/07/2014Quarterly Activities & Cash Flow ReportDownload
30/04/2014Quarterly Activities & Cash Flow ReportDownload