Overview and Location of the Deflector Extended Gold Project

The Deflector Extended Gold Project is located approximately 50km South West of the town of Yalgoo, 150km East of Geraldton and 370km north-northeast of Perth. Access to the site is along the Morawa-Yalgoo Road.

The Deflector Extended project is located within the Gullewa Greenstone Belt, south of Yalgoo in Western Australia. The Gullewa Greenstone Belt is part of the Murchison Province of the Archaean Yilgarn Craton. The area has seen three distinct phases of gold mining since the late 1890’s. Historical mining has resulted in, primarily, gold production with other metals generally produced as by-product.

Deflector Extended Gold Project

Initial exploration in the region occurred between 1960 and 1985 focussing both on the gold and the base metals potential of the region. Between 1985 and 1989 Golden Plateau NL in a Joint Venture with Aztec Exploration Limited explored the ground immediately to the south west of the project area at the Golden Stream workings.

Overview and Location of the Heemskirk Tin Project

The Heemskirk project area covers part of the Meso-Proterozoic rocks of the Zeehan-Waratah Belt (mainly Oonah and Crimson Creek formations) including the southern extent of the Arthur Lineament Metamorphic Complex and the Dundas Trough. The Devonian Heemskirk granite, a fractionated, biotite granite / muscovite granite, intrudes these rocks. The interaction of this granite with reactive host rocks is believed to be the source of skarns and most of the base metals mineralisation in the Zeehan area.

Mineralisation is associated with late stage hydrothermal alteration of greisen veins localised along pre-existing joints and lineaments. Typically, the greisen veins contain a central zone of quartz-topaz-tourmaline and selvages of mica bordered by an argillaceous altered zone. In several areas within the local area, sulphide based mineralisation has been identified including sphalerite, galena, chalcopyrite, bismuthinite and wolframite.

Heemskirk Tin Project

Several small tin/base metal deposits are known to occur along the northern margin of the Heemskirk Granite. To the north of the project area at St Dizier in the Oonah Formation, mineralisation is stratabound, displaying replacement of high temperature pyroxene-garnet metasomatic assemblages with disseminated tin. Mineralisation is associated with an adjacent north trending spine of the Heemskirk Granite.

Historical exploration within the Heemskirk Project area is limited to non-systematic prospecting activities and has only focussed on surface mineralisation. The most substantial exploration efforts have focussed on the Peripatetic mine which consists of five adits, three shafts and numerous small open pits.